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AN Fitting Wrenches

This is a unique wrench for the serious engine builder, professional racer, and hobbyist who know the importance of protecting the finish of, and not over-tightening AN fittings.  Unlike other AN wrenches, these are detachable from the handles and can be positioned in 3 locations to provide a straight or angled wrench!

Easily detached, they incorporate a ball and detent, similar to socket wrenches.  Made from T6061 aluminum, they will not scratch the surface of your AN fittings. 

Each kit contains one small and one large handle and one each, #3,4,6,8,10,12, & 16 wrench ends.


Wheel Bolt Circle Templates


Quickly and easily check the bolt pattern for any wheel.  A must when fitting custom wheels.  A template for nearly every wheel pattern.  Templates available separately or in a 4 piece kit. Constructed of tough ABS.

Part # Description
80-21392 Red 5 Lug SAE: 4½",4¾", 5", & 5½"
80-21492 Blue 4 Lug Metric: 88mm,100mm,4¼", 4½"
80-21592 Yellow 5 Lug Metric: 100mm, 112mm, 115mm, 120mm
80-21692 Gray 6 Lug SAE: 127mm, 5½", 6½"

Wheel Bolt Circle Template Kit (Contains all 4 templates) Part #80-21200

Hose and Tube Gauge

No more guessing which size clamp to purchase!  Easily and accurately measures the outside diameter of all your hoses, tubing, and cables so you can pick the right T-Clamp for a perfect fit, every time.  Molded from tough ABS with raised white contrasting numerals for easy size identification. 

Hose & Tube Gauge Part # 30-11492


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